We convert energy into sustainable
progress and prosperity.

Regional LNG storage and re-gasification provision.


BURKINA LNG is the largest company of supply of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Burkina Faso. The head office is based in Ouagadougou.

At BURKINA LNG we’re known for our strong technical capabilities in the supply of LNG. We're committed to creating a work environment where everyone actively contributes to this outcome; operating, developing and optimizing supply in line with strong environmental, social and governance practices; developing a diverse workforce...


All these skills and know-how can be summed up in one thing : to be able to supply LNG to our customers in a secure way for over 20 years.


Christian Kaboré

With his undeniable will to provide energy security to Burkina Faso, Christian Kaboré laid the foundations for the strategy and internal organisation at BURKINA LNG.

In 2013, after completing his Master 2 in Money, Banking and Finance at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, Christian Kaboré joined the Group Photosol, the leading French SME in photovoltaic energy production. As head of financing of the Photosol Group’s Project Finance Team, Christian was responsible for financing and investment projects and participated in the financing of large ground and roof-mounted solar power plant projects (more than 500m€ of bank debt). He contributed significantly to the growth of the company, which is now a big player in Europe and the United States, and a subsidiary of the Rubis Group.

He was also involved in numerous project acquisitions and mergers (acquisitions focused on the energy sector) that have led him to work in partnership with large companies such as Deloitte, Rothschild, Natixis BPCE Energerco.

In 2022, his experience in the field of finance and energies, combined with his desire to contribute to improving access to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy for all in his country, Burkina Faso, led him to joint Burkina LNG as the Managing Partner.


LNG has proven to be better than any other fossil fuel for the environment, as it generates 30% less carbon dioxide than fuel oil and 45% less than coal. The combustion of natural gas evaporates much more quickly in the air,compared to traditional heavy fuel oils, leaving no particles or residue.

Ouagadougou (BURKINA FASO)

Head office address

Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou, Secteur 26, Lot 37, Parcelle L, Section Kossodo, 1er étage immeuble Wend Panga à Kossodo, derrière l'agence BOA du rond point Afrique


09 BP 1077 Ouagadougou 09 (West Africa)


+ 226 65 78 99 99